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What is Dynamic Sampling and how does it work?

Dynamic Sampling (Limited Availability)

Dynamic Sampling is a new Sentry feature for customers monitoring performance and sending transactions. Dynamic Sampling lets you configure sampling rules within Sentry’s UI, so you have more control over the transactions you see in Sentry. Compared with SDK sampling, Dynamic Sampling enables more sophisticated sampling decisions and requires no redeployment for the configuration to take effect.

  • Available (in Limited Availability) for: Team, Business
  • Can create or edit Dynamic Sampling rules: organization owner, manager or admin
  • Available for: JavaScript Browser, Node, Python, Android, iOS

Check out our docs to learn more.

How can I get started?

If you have been accepted into the Limited Availability, you can get started in 2 easy steps, by following our guide.

If not, you can join the waitlist here and we will reach out when Dynamic Sampling is available for your organization.

Access is granted based on account qualification and there is no guaranteed access date as of now.

How does the Limited Availability program work?

The feature is currently in a limited availability program. If your organization is eligible, you will receive an invitation for the program via email or in product.

You get full use of Dynamic Sampling free of charge until the end of November 2022.

What happens after the end of the Limited Availability program?

After the end of the program, the feature will become available on your subscriptions page as a new event type for all customers using Performance. Some features might only be available on higher tier plans.

If you are part of the limited availability group, we will notify you of the new event-type pricing before it goes into effect.You will get a choice to continue using Dynamic Sampling or revert back to your current plan.

I haven’t received an invite, but I’m interested to try it out. Can I still join?

We are currently offering this feature to a closed group of organizations, but we are constantly expanding the program. You can join our waitlist to be notified when it’s your turn.

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