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How Do Team-Level Roles Work?

How are existing roles mapped to new roles?

Current RoleNew Role
OwnerOrganization Owner, Team Admin
ManagerOrganization Manager, Team Admin
AdminOrganization Member, Team Admin
MemberOrganization Member, Team Contributor
Billing MemberBilling Member

How do these new additions to roles and permissions impact my team?

Because the new roles mapping will be handled by Sentry, there should be no operational impact to your teams.

Can you assign multiple roles to a user?

Yes, only at the team level. Each member will have one role at the organization level but can belong to multiple teams as either a Team Admin or Team Contributor.

What if a person is a team admin on team A and team contributor on Team B and both teams have project X?

This is non-issue; the team admin will have admin level permissions for project X. What we’re solving for is that they don’t have admin level permissions for all other projects that belong to team B but not team A.

How does membership at the Team level work for Organization owners and Organization managers?

They have the ability to set themselves as Team Admins as needed. They can also set themselves as Team Contributors.

Is the old Admin role getting deprecated?

Yes. Existing Admins will be made Organization Members and Team Admins for all teams they currently are members of.

Do team admin permissions override Organization level permissions?


Who has ‘ownership’ of an existing project?

Projects can belong to multiple teams. If you’re on Team A with Role X, you have Role X permissions across all projects that belong to the team.

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