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Why am I seeing "[Filtered]" in my event data?

By default, Sentry attempts to scrub data that it believes may contain sensitive information.


If you feel Sentry is filtering values too aggressively, you have three options:

  1. Disable data scrubbing entirely. Go to Your Project → Settings → Security & Privacy → toggle off “Data Scrubber”.
  2. Disable default scrubbers and specify your own sensitive fields. On the same page, toggle off “Use Default Scrubbers” and specify your own sensitive fields under “Additional sensitive fields”. Only these declared fields will be scrubbed.
  3. Allow important fields you do not want to be scrubbed. On the same page, allow fields under “Safe fields”. This will use Sentry’s default scrubbing behavior but protect known, important fields.

Data Scrubbers can operate at both an organization level and a project level, if you have Data Scrubbers enabled on the organization level, they are applied to every project.

To learn more about what fields and values Sentry considers sensitive, please see our documentation on Server-Side Data Scrubbing.

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