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How do I search for events in a time range?

The issue search understands a variety of tags, including “age” and “event.timestamp”. Search returns Issues which have at least one occurrence or event matching your query.

Age: age always relative to the current time, and respects h, d, and w.

example: age:-24h (Issues new in the last 24 hours)

Timestamp: event.timestamp is an absolute tag and respects >,<,<=, and >=. It uses UTC.

example: event.timestamp:2017-01-02 (Events that occurred on January 2nd)

event.timestamp:<2017-01-02T01:00:00 (Events from before January 2nd)

See the documentation for more examples and other tag examples!

Like all search tags, these tags can be combined with themselves (to form ranges) and each other.

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