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About Sentry's EU Region

Q: My company isn’t based in the EU, can I still have my data hosted there?
A: Yes! You can host your Sentry data in the EU instance independent of your location.

Q: Do you have a legal entity in the EU that we can contract with?
A: We do not have a legal entity in the EU for customer contracting today.

Q: Do different legal terms apply if I choose the European data center?
A: Choosing the EU data center will not change the terms that apply to your use of the service.

Q: What privacy and data protection frameworks does Sentry, including its EU instance, comply with?
A: Sentry complies with the General Data Protection Regulation and other laws and regulations applicable to the Sentry service. We are also SOC 2 Type 2 and ISO 27001 certified, and have received HIPAA attestation. You can learn more in our Trust Center.

Q: What security and data protection measures does Sentry have in place?
A: You can find our data protection commitments in our Data Processing Addendum and review our security policy.

Data Storage

Q: Where is Sentry’s EU data center located?
A. Sentry’s EU data center is located in Frankfurt, Germany with data backups within the EU region.

Q: What data will be stored in the region I select?
A. See our documentation here for details on the types of data that will be stored in-region

Q: What data will be stored outside the region I select?
A: See our documentation here for details on the types of data that may be stored outside of your selected region, in the U.S.

Q: Will EU data residency be available on all Sentry plans?
A: Yes, EU data residency is available on every Sentry plan including our free Developer plan.

Payments and Pricing

Q: Will using EU data residency cost us more?
A: No. Our pricing will remain the same across our US and EU regions.

Q: What currency do I pay in?
A: All Sentry pricing plans are in USD.

Getting Started

Q: We’re self-hosting Sentry today and want to migrate to the SaaS product. Are there tools to help us with this?
A: Yes! We have built a migration tool that allows you to onboard from a self-hosted Sentry instance to See documentation

Q: Can you help us onboard?
A: Our product is built to be self-serve and we have rich documentation with example code to help you get started. Sign up at and get started today! If you need further assistance with onboarding, please contact

If you are currently running a self-hosted instance of Sentry or would like to migrate to Sentry from a different platform, please write to sales for more information.

Q: How can I see where my organization is located?
A: This information will be shown on your Organization Settings page and on Legal & Compliance page within the app.

Q: Can we have an org in the US region and another in the EU region? Will user permissions and access be the same across both orgs?
A: Yes! You can have organizations in the US region and in the EU region. These will be distinct organizations with their own permissions and access models - user roles from one organization will not apply to the other organization.

Q: Can I move my existing Sentry organization to the EU region?
A: Unfortunately, we do not have a mechanism for customers to perform a US —> EU relocation.

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