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Why am I receiving the email "Unable to Fetch Commits"?

If you received an email notifying you that we were unable to fetch the commit log for your release, try out some of the solutions below:

Make sure that the commits exist in the repository. This error can happen when you forget to push to GitHub or you squash and merge commits.


GitHub returned a 404 Not Found error. If this repository exists, ensure that your installation has permission to access this repository (

If you have already confirmed the correct permissions from the message above:

Unauthorized: either your access token was invalid or you do not have access

  • Confirm that the Auth Token being used to create the release in Sentry has the correct scopes and is also associated with the GitHub identity of the user who is creating releases in Sentry.
  • You may also need to disconnect/reconnect your GitHub identity as mentioned above.


Error Communicating with Bitbucket (HTTP 500): Something went wrong

  • Unfortunately, this message usually indicates that there’s something wrong on Bitbucket’s end. We suggest to try and associate the commits with the release again.

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