I Can't Login

If you are unable to login because you need to reset your 2FA, please reach out to your organization owner and they can reset it by going to the organization settings -> members -> click into your email -> Remove Two Factor Authentication. If you are the owner and/or you belong to more than one organization, you will need to contact support with the following information:

  1. write in from the email that you are requesting be reset
  2. Verify last 4-digits of credit card on file
  3. CC two team members also in the org, particularly managers or admins

If you are unable to login and you’re unsure why, please write in to support@sentry.io with any of the following relevant information.

  1. Did you try resetting your password and receive a password recovery email?
    • If not, did you also check your spam folder?
  2. Was the email address you’re trying to login with previous associated with an organization that’s since been deleted?
  3. If this is CSRF related, have you already tried logging in through an incognito browser?
  4. Is this login issue impacting only you or other members of your organization as well?
    • If so, what method of logging in are you using? (Google, Okta, Github SSO?)
    • When was your last successful login?

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