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How is my legacy plan changing?

We are migrating your organization off of our legacy plans.

On the new plan, you’ll have access to a set of new features:

Some organizations may see an increase in monthly costs:

Please note these price changes won’t go into effect immediately. We will apply a credit to offset the increase to your account for a period of time after the update. Visit your subscription page for additional details.

Updates to on-demand budgets:

Because your new plan comes with Performance Monitoring, you will be able to define individual budgets for Errors, Transactions, and Attachments. To make sure you do not drop any events or exhaust your previous on-demand budget when using the new Performance Monitoring features, we will default 100% of your current defined on-demand budgets to Error events once your organization has been migrated.

Visit your subscription page to configure your organization’s on-demand budgets.

Changes to annual plans.

  • As part of this change, we are also sunsetting the ability to select an annual contract that’s paid in monthly installments. At the time of renewal (exact date shared via email), your account will automatically migrate to a monthly subscription. We are planning to migrate you by your renewal date, but in case we are not able to, we’ll update you of the changed migration date. Any price changes (and discounting) will kick in in the month the migration actually happens.
  • If you are on an annual plan where you pay annually, we will apply a discount that will cover the difference in cost for the remainder of your annual contract term at the time of your plan change. Some organizations are eligible for a discount upon renewal. The exact amount of your discount will be shared via email and subscription page.

When will the changes take effect?

  • 30 days after receiving email notice of your plan update.

What is the grace period?

  • A fixed period of time before the event or pricing changes go into effect. Visit your subscription page for details specific to your account.
  • You’ll have access to all the new features
  • Be issued a discount equal to the change in price to maintain your current monthly price

How do the changes affect my bill during the grace period?

  • Unless you make changes to your current plan, you will not see a price change.

Will my account lose any features?

  • No, you will have access to all your existing features in addition to the new capabilities listed above.

What happens at the end of the grace period?

  • At the end of the grace period, you will retain access to all the new features, pricing as mentioned above, and some organizations may have an updated event quota. Please visit your subscription page for details and our quota management docs to learn more about how quotas work and how you can adjust them.

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