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I've exhausted my quota, what now?

If your account has exceeded its monthly quota, new events will not be accepted until the start of the next usage period. To increase your quota, an organization owner or billing admin can upgrade the account or enable on-demand spend in Subscription Settings.

To help manage your future event volume, we recommend:

  • Configuring a sample_rate:
    • If a sample rate is defined for the SDK, the SDK evaluates whether this event should be sent as a representative fraction of events. Setting a sample rate is documented for each SDK. The SDK sample rate is not dynamic; changing it requires re-deployment. In addition, setting an SDK sample rate limits visibility into the source of events. Setting a rate limit for your project may better suit your needs. See documentation specific to your SDK.
  • Filtering events using before_send:
  • Enabling on-demand spend or increasing your on-demand capacity.

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