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What counts towards my event quota?

Not all events count towards your monthly event quota. In general, when events are processed, stored, or have conditionals applied to them, they will count towards your quota. Please see the table below to see which events count.

 Yes, this event countsNo, this event does not count
SDK configurationNot setSet to filter this event
SDK sample rateNot setSet
QuotaNot reachedExceeded
Are future events that repeat set to Delete & Discard?No 
Is this repeated event resolved?Yes, this may be a regression in your code 
Is this repeated event set to Ignore Alert?Yes, it is still occurring 
Has spike protection been triggered?NoYes
Rate limit for the projectNot set or not reachedSet and exceeded
Inbound FiltersNot setSet for this event

* Delete and discard and per-project rate limits are only available on Business plans.

** Organization-wide rate limits are only available to legacy plans

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