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Why is my organization slug changing?

What is an organization slug?

An organization slug is a unique, short, lowercased name consisting of letters, numbers, and hyphens. It is sometimes derived from the organization name. For example, A Quick Brown Fox may have an associated slug: a-quick-brown-fox.

Why is my organization slug changing?

To help our global customers meet changing privacy and compliance requirements, we’re investing in infrastructure that supports data residency. This will provide companies that need to store PII outside of the US with access to contextual data (ie. a user who experienced the issue) by storing it regionally so they can resolve issues faster.

To help deliver the best experience, we’re updating the naming conventions for organization slugs to support a new URL structure:

Because this change is time sensitive, please update your slug by September 12th in your organization’s settings here or we will have to update it for you to ensure your access to Sentry isn’t impacted.

What is the acceptable org slug naming convention?

An organization slug should consist of letters, numbers, and or hyphens. For example: 99-apples.

The organization slug may not begin, nor end with hyphens.

What is the impact if my organization slug has changed?

In addition to changing your organization’s slug name, there are a few additional things you might want to update:

  • For integrations like Jira, GitHub, Slack etc any old links that use your organization slug to link you back into your Sentry account won’t be redirected. If you would like to update them, please review our integration troubleshooting guide to identify and update any integration configuration values that references the organization slug, and update them accordingly.

  • If you are using sentry-cli you will also have to update the SENTRY_ORG environment variable. Refer to the documentation for more details on this configuration value.

  • If your organization is using SCIM/SAML, you will need to update the SCIM/SAML configuration values for the provider you’re using. Refer to the SCIM/SAML documentation here.

  • If you are using any of our public API URLs, you will need to update the organization slug in URLs as appropriate.

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