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Are you compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

Yes, we are GDPR compliant. All Sentry customer data (and marketing data) is treated in a way that conforms with GDPR.

If you’re dealing with any EU data through Sentry, then you need a contractual agreement in place with us that’s called a DPA — or Data Processing Addendum — so the EU knows you’re only doing business with a GDPR compliant company. We have a self-service DPA that you can fill out to make your organization automatically GDPR compliant with Sentry.

You can find the DPA under the Legal & Compliance section on your Organization’s home page. Complete it by:

  • Reviewing and Accepting the DPA itself
  • Adding your designated EU Representative’s contact info
  • Adding your designated Data Privacy Officer’s contact info
  • Double check your company details (specifically, the legal name of your business)

You’ll need to be an Owner or Billing contact in your organization to access the Legal & Compliance page. If you’re not authorized to accept the terms of the DPA you can add your company’s authorized representative as either a Billing contact or Owner so they can accept the terms on behalf of your company.

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