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FAQ for R&D Data Usage at Sentry

Will you use data for R&D purposes?

Yes, but only with a customer’s permission for anything other than non-identifiable, aggregatable elements of Service Data (Non-Identifying Data).

What data will you require permission to use for R&D purposes?

We will not use any elements of a customer’s Service Data that could be intellectual property, personally identifiable information or are otherwise identifiable to a customer (such as source code, content or attachments) without first obtaining that customer’s permission.

How will you obtain permission?

We will have an in-product opt-in for each separate R&D use case that doesn’t involve Non-Identifying Data.

What data can you use for R&D purposes without permission?

We can use non-identifiable, aggregatable data for R&D purposes. Examples of “non-identifying data” include latency across endpoints, issue or error type or information about frameworks used.

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